The name of the district “MAYILADUTHURAI ” has come into the existence from the divine lore Godess Parvathi manifesting  hereself as peacock in order to attract the attention of  Lord shiva through a miraculous dance. Till 18 thCentury, Mayiladuthurai was known as “Mayurapuram” & “Mayavaram” But, through a government ordinance of 1982, by the then chief Minister Dr.M.G.Ramachandran has promulgated an order to change the name of the place as “Mayiladuthurai”. The divine presence of God is manifested in the names of temples signifying the nine planets among the nine planets two temples bearing their names are found in and around in Vaitheeswarankoil and the other  in Keezhaperumpallam.  Two historical centers of learning especially of Tamil tradition & culture are found in Dharmapuram Mutt & Thiruvaduthurai Mutt. The presence of these two mutts have added the fame & glory of Tamil culture & Literature. Mayiladuthurai has another side to boast of. The holy feet of Gandhiji had trodden different areas of Mayiladuthurai As a result of his faithful disciple Thillaiyadi Valliammai who accompanied him in South Africa to do services to the affected. To honour her, the government of Tamil Nadu erected a memorial expressing the sacrificial experiences of “Thillaiyadi Valliammai” The years 1915, 1921 and 1927 are very important in the history of Mayiladuthurai because these years had added the greatness of Mayiladuthural by the visit of the “Father of the Nation”.

        Mayiladuthurai has yet another colourful feather on its cap due to the exemplary service & administrative acumen shown by Mayiladuthurai Municipality. In the composite Madras State including Andra Pradesh are gifted with 29 cities but among them, Mayiladuthurai has found a place due to the performances of Mayiladuthurai Municipality. There are a few institutions having the history of a hoary past by the performances of the Judicial Court. Sub – Collector’s Office & Municipal Higher Secondary School.  Saints like Dhanvanthri Siddahar had added the greatness of Mayiladuthurai. There are great personalities who have contributed their mite both in spiritual and literary fields. For example, Therizhandur, a neighbouring hamlet of Mayladuthurai has yielded a great writer “Kambar”. Besides him MayuramVedhanayagam Pillai, Kalki Krishnamoorthy, Gopalakrishna Bharathi have raised the greatness of Mayiladuthurai by their contributions. A galaxy of intellectual luminaries like M.S. Udhayamoorthy, the father of Librarian movement S.R. Renganathan, M.K. Thiyagaraja Bahavathar, Sirkazhi Govindarajan, Natheswara Vidhwan Rajarathinam and the chess world champion Viswanathan Anand have carved permanent nitch for themselves forever and a day.

     Mayialduthurai is famous for great religious festivel like “Cauveri Pushkaram”(Thula festival) reminding one of the great kumbamela of the North.  The great clock tower with the historical past still stands high raising its head in the realms of cloud stands as a connect link between the graet past and the glorious future.We have thank Haji C.E.Abdul khadhar sahab for erecting a great tower in Mayiladuthurai.

The name of artist venugopal Sharma has immortalised the physical stature and the apperance of the architect thirukkural “Thiruvalluvar” as Mayiladuuthurai gave a place and name to draw the image of the graet writer.

It is in Tharangambadi that the holy alliance of the theraa elemenst of literature have taken shape.That is printing press,Letter types and paper factory are introduced in a massive sclae in india by the Danish missionaries,who lived in Tharangambadi,a harbaour near Mayiladuthurai.

It is in the same place Rejendra chola showed his international connections by building a place for business tranactions named “kottaimedu kodiyampalayam”.There are many more facets of Mayialaduthurai which still remain undiscoverd and unexpressed.